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Farmers Market

BARTOW, FL 33830

The Scars Famers Market will be held monthly on Wednesdays at Scars Farm. 

  • It’s located at 777 Alturas Rd, Bartow, FL 33830
  • The Market is open to customers from 10 am to 7 pm.

Michael (Market Manager) is responsible for the weekly operations of the market.

Phone:  863-513-4805

Email:  contact@www.scarsevents.com

How to Apply to be a Vendor

a)Preparation – It’s important that you carefully read this document before submitting your application.
–        Your application should address all the topics defined here, regarding your type of product
–        Applications are reviewed and evaluated on-goingly throughout the year.

b)Application – Applying to the Market is done online.

A. General Guidelines

a)Selection Criteria– Potential vendors are screened based on a number of criteria, including:

1. Product Type
2. Product Quality
3. Presentation

b) Booth Setup 
–        Vendors should have displays that are eye-catching and thoughtfully designed.
–        For both appearance and safety reasons, we recommend the use of professional grade 10 x10’ tents with full internal frames (vs recreational tents that have only perimeter frames).

c) Commercial Products– Our focus is on products that are designed and created by the vendor.
–        We do not accept products that are commercially produced and/ or distributed.

d)Product Lines – The Market management makes judgments about the appropriate number of vendors within a product category.
–        This assessment is based on the number of total available spaces, etc., and how many vendors are currently vending any one category of product.
–        We limit the number of similar products so that each vendor has the opportunity to be successful.

e)Product Mix – We do not accept applications for multiple categories of products in the same booth.  (e.g. pottery & jewelry).

f)Booth Size – The standard booth space is up to 12 feet wide and 12 feet deep. 

g)Attendance Frequency– The Market will have both full-time and half-time vendors.
–        The focus in the first season will be on having full-time vendor participation.
–        Half-time vendors would typically be craft vendors.  This is intended for some weekly variety in the customers’ shopping experience.
–        Half-time vendors can select which dates they want to request in a 10-12 week scheduling window.

B. Farm Produce

a)Farmers – We are very interested in cultivating relationships with farmers.
–        Interested farmers should contact us directly to learn about the current opportunities available.

C. Plants & Flowers

  1. a)Grower Preference – Preference is given to growers versus resellers.

D. Crafts

  1. b)Product Priorities – The primary focus of the market is related to produce, food and plants.  Crafts supplement these core products and provide color and variety to the market. 
  2. c)Product Categories – Crafts are evaluated within a respective product type (e.g. pottery, clothing, jewelry, personal care products, yard art, etc.).
  3. d)Homemade – We support craftspeople at the market.  As a result, crafts must be made by the vendor.
  4. e)Resale – Items offered for re-sale or are commercially produced are not 
  5. f)Food-Related – High-quality and very unique items that are food related (e.g. cookbooks, kitchen utensils, table linens, aprons, etc.) may be considered, even if they are not made by the vendor.

E. Services

  1. a)Service Delivery – We will consider service vendors if the service is conducted at the market
    (e.g. face painting, massage, knife sharpening, etc.). 
  2. b)Promotion – We do not accept applications for businesses wishing to promote services provided elsewhere (e.g. health clubs, real estate sales, medical offices).  This type of activity is eligible to participate as a ‘sponsor’.

F. Other Businesses

  1. a)Sponsorship – Businesses that do not meet our eligibility requirements can request to participate as a ‘sponsor’.  Contact us to learn more about sponsorship options.

G. Fees

  1. a)Amount – The vending fee is $50/ day or per market.

H. The Application Process

  1. a)Application Details –You need to address all the categories of the information below in your application.
    –  Omitting information (e.g. prices, vending experience) will delay the process or diminish the likelihood of a positive response.

Product Description  (Include product details, prices, production methods, etc.)

Business Description  (Include the background/training of the owner, origins of the business, etc. )

Vending Approach/ Experience  (How your booth is designed, and where you’ve vended before)

b) Pictures – Good pictures of your product and setup are important.

–  Provide photos of your products. 

–  Show us a picture of your booth, and ones that show your product display and signage.

c) Waitlisting – If a prospective vendor applies in a product line that we deem to be full if the application is sufficiently strong, it may be ‘waitlisted’.  When space becomes available because:

(1) a current vendor in a product category leaves, or

(2) new space becomes available (because of expansion), and the vendor with the strongest application (within the category) on the waitlist may be invited to screen.

d) Re-Application – A follow-up application can be made after an initial decline.

–  It must be made at least one year following the earlier application and should outline key changes or enhancements since the earlier submission.

–  Applicants who have been notified that they are on a Waitlist need not apply again.  They are simply waiting for an appropriate opening.  They will be notified should one occur.

I. The Approval Process

  1. a)Approved Vendors – Some vendors will be approved immediately based on the strength of their application.
  2. b)Screened Vendors – The Application Committee may decide that your application warrants an invitation to vend once (called a ‘screening’ visit) at the Market. 

–  The purpose of this visit is to complete an overall assessment of your product and booth setup.

–  The decision about approval will be provided following the screening visit.

J. Taxes

a)Sales Tax – Sales tax, where required by the State, is the responsibility of the seller.

K. Liability Insurance

a)Required Coverage –  All vendors are required to carry liability insurance coverage with the Market listed as an ‘Additionally Insured’.  Details of coverage will be provided on approval.

The Basics

  • 54+ acres of private land
  • 9,000 sq ft modern and rustic farm venue
  • Five climate controlled buildings
  • Mutiple indoor and outdoor ceremony options
  • Bridal suite overlooking lake garfield
  • Groom’s room and private outdoor area
  • 12 restroom building
  • 20,000 sq ft garden area
  • Groom’s room and private outdoor area
  • Cinderella horse carriage
  • Wildflower meadows
  • Vendor building with kitchen
  • Strawberry pond and crossing palm trees 
  • Setup and teardown of chairs & tables
  • Custom-built moveable bar
  • Access to entire property for photos
  • Personalized floor plan
  • Chairs + tables
  • 14 hour rentals on weekends
    (12 hours Monday – Thursday)

Book A Tour

Scars Farm is a wedding venue located in Bartow, Florida. It’s an idyllic 54-acre site that offers a large strawberry-shaped pond lined with palm trees and rolling green fields that overlook beautiful wildflowers on our lake, making it a unique and tranquil backdrop to your special day. Barbecue or caviar, this venue has it all.

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